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An Important Question I’m Often Asked

One question I am often asked is, “Hey Chef Dede, how do you decide what you will teach in your classes?” That is an important question and there’s really not a simple answer to it!  Believe me I do take seriously the topics and/or skills covered in each class.  From my perspective, there is an overarching framework from which I make decisions as to what I believe needs to be taught in each particular class and for each specific age group.  In a nutshell, I want the classes to be both educational and fun at the same time.  Of course, there are basic cooking skills everyone should learn such as, but not limited to, practicing good hygiene and safety in the kitchen, knife skills, equipment knowledge, cooking techniques, and some foundational recipes. With that in mind, I develop a theme.  I get inspiration from different sources.

Sources of Inspiration

One source is the calendar.  I know that sounds simple.  Not only do holidays and seasons provide inspiration, but there actually are food holidays.  Another source is you.  I like to hear from customers as to what topics they would like to explore or has caused them culinary nightmares. Remember that when we say “Turning cooking nightmares into culinary dreams!” we really mean it and we desire to help you achieve a new measure of success and enjoyment in the kitchen.  Finally, I also ask myself what topics I personally want to learn more about, like a particular cooking technique or cuisine.  It is important that I continue to learn and expand my culinary knowledge as well.

We’re Starting Off 2015 with “What’s Hot Now!”

So far this year, hot trends according to culinary forecasts for 2015 are my inspiration.  So the theme is “What’s Hot Now.”  January’s focus is ethnic-inspired breakfast.  February’s focus is a fusion of the hot trends in vegetarian appetizers, ethnic/street food inspired appetizers, and bite-size/mini desserts with Mardi Gras as a backdrop in what we will be learning in February.  I am really excited about this.  I will continue the “What’s Hot Now” theme during March and April as well.

As always, I appreciate you and do what I do because I really believe Culinary Dreams is needed and will hopefully become an important part of this community.  I also hope to you’ll take a chance on a cooking class soon.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


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