Here are some of the most common questions about Culinary Dreams!

Questions about our Cooking Classes & Parties

What are your Class Policies and Guidelines?
If I get a bunch of my friends (relatives, people at work) together, can we all book a special class just for us?

Yes, if it can be mutually worked out with the Culinary Dreams, Inc. schedule and your schedule. However, the minimum number of people needed to specially schedule a class is 6, and the maximum number in a class is 8.

If I want to take a class with my __________ (brother, mother, aunt, daughter, etc.), is that okay?

Yes it is.  We do have age-specific classes for children and teens, and we strongly encourage children to take classes with others their age.  But for teenagers and above, we will be happy to accommodate this desire, with the understanding that teenagers will have to take the class with adults rather than the other way around.

My child has some special needs. Is it still okay for her/him to participate in a class?

Yes! We would prefer that you let us know ahead of time how we can help your child to have the best experience possible, which may mean that you will need to be involved in helping her/him during the class session.

My daughter is having her birthday party at Culinary Dreams and we are so excited about it. Is it okay for the other parents to hang around and watch all the neat things the kids are doing during the party?

Culinary Dreams strongly recommends that only the parent/s of the birthday child stay for the entire length of the party. While it is tempting to want to stay and watch, Culinary Dreams, Inc. wants to do everything possible to ensure the safety of its participants. Therefore, we ask that only participants are allowed in the kitchen area. Classes and Parties are designed to be “Drop-Off” Activities.

Questions about Delights-to-Go, Frozen-to-Go, and our Lunch Menu

I misplaced my Culinary Dreams Heating Guidelines. Can you help me out with how to heat my entree?

Sure.  Click on this link and it should take you right to the Culinary Dreams Heating Guidelines: Heating Guidelines for Culinary Dreams Entrees.

I forgot to go online and order my casserole this week. Is it still okay to purchase one of your Delights-to-Go menu items this week?

Yes!  While we do give first priority to those who have purchased Delights-to-Go orders online or by telephone (251.333.8908), we also make a limited supply of extra entrées each week that are sold on a “first come basis.”  If you are in doubt about “just showing up,” we always welcome your call to check on the availability of menu items!

When will I be able to find out next week’s Delights-to-Go menu items?

Next week’s menu for Delights-to-Go will be posted online and in-store for the upcoming week on Saturday, or, at least by Sunday.  Be sure to click on our “Quick View-Menu” tab, sign up for our weekly menu email update, or “like” our Facebook page to see the updated menu each week.

My parents are getting up in age and finding it harder and harder to prepare their own meals. Do you deliver meals, should I place an order online?

Yes!  We provide delivery service to most places in Daphne, Fairhope, and Spanish Fort for $5.00 with any order of at least $25.00.  You can “add” the delivery charge to your cart and pay for it upon “check-out.”  There may be occasions when we have to charge more than $5.00 (for instance, delivery to Point Clear, or up Hwy. 31 towards Bay Minette, or east towards Silverhill).  You can always call us to confirm delivery charges (251.333.8908).

Still have a question?  We’re always glad to help!
Just call 251.333.8908.

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