Culinary Dreams

Forms and Guidelines

Culinary Dreams

Forms and Guidelines

Culinary Dreams

Forms and Guidelines

Culinary Dreams

Forms and Guidelines

You can click on the button, download the form, print it out, and mail it to us:

Culinary Dreams, Inc.,

P. O. Box 301, Daphne, AL 36526

or you can fill out the form, scan it in on your printer, and email it to us:

Registration Waiver Release Form Button

We cannot allow anyone to participate in a cooking class, camp, or party, until we have a completed Registration, Waiver & Release Form.  We take very seriously each participant’s health concerns.  Please inform us anything that might need our attention, such as food allergies.

We need Registration, Waiver & Release Forms at least 7 days before the scheduled cooking class, camp, or party.

If you’ve completed one already, and you’re participating in another cooking class, camp, or party, we do not need another of these filled out, UNLESS there has been a change in the contact information or the medical information.

If you have any questions about Culinary Dreams registration/cancellation policies, please feel free to call us…251.333.8908.

Please especially note Registration Policy #5 concerning non-attendance of a class, camp, or event for which you have registered.

Please read the Cooking Class/Party/Camp Guidelines and abide by them at all times while participating in a cooking event at Culinary Dreams.  This will help ensure the best possible experience for all participants at the cooking class, cooking party, or cooking camp.

We always welcome your calls with any questions you might have about these Culinary Dreams Cooking Class/Party/Camp Guidelines…251.333.8908.  Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.

If you have any questions about Culinary Dreams’ suggestions for heating any of our menu items, please feel free to call us…251.333.8908.

We remind you that the pans/lids that we use for our weekly Delights-to-Go and Frozen-to-Go menu items are fully recyclable.

These pans are also dual-ovenable, as well.  Though they may go in the microwave, we always suggest that you heat your menu items in the oven, after removing the plastic lid, and placing the menu item on a baking sheet.

Should you desire, the pans may go on the top shelf of your dishwasher and be re-used often.  However, the lids are hand washable only.

To schedule your cooking party, print out this form and then contact Chef Dede at Culinary Dreams…

Call: 333.8908 or  Email:

Party Reservation Policies & Form

Only one Party Reservation Form must be completed for a cooking party.  The $100.00 deposit and the Party Reservation Form should be submitted simultaneously.

Be advised that ALL participants in the cooking party must have completed a Registration, Waiver & Release Form, either on file with us in the event the participant has previously taken part in a cooking event (class, camp, or party), or sent to us no later than one week prior to the cooking party.

If you have any questions about the cost of delivery or to arrange for a Culinary Dreams delivery of your desired menu items, please feel free to call us…251.333.8908.

Just a reminder that Culinary Dreams charges $5.00 for most deliveries, if at least $25.00 worth of menu items are purchased.

Thank you for considering Culinary Dreams for your next dining experience!

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