Personalized Meal Preparation

Home-cooked meals prepared just the way you want them!


Currently, Chef Dede is unable to provide personal chef services due to her teaching schedule.

Whether you are looking to save time, eat healthier, have dietary requirements, or you’ve just decided, “I want to enjoy delicious, custom-prepared dinners at home,” Chef Dede can help you achieve your goal of having awesome dining experiences in your own home!

So who uses a chef for personalized meal preparation?

Working Parents who want to enjoy a healthy, family meal in their home, without making a stop at an expensive restaurant on the way home.  We have found that family schedules in the afternoons and early evenings are often very hectic with homework, ball practice, dance, etc.  It is not easy to always provide a tasty homemade dinner.

Couples often prefer dining in, by themselves or with friends, instead of going out.

Families and Caregivers with a recovering patient or aging parent benefit from healthy and tasty home cooked meals.

Persons seeking proper food choices for healthy living.

Newlyweds and New Parents often need the assistance of a Personal Chef to help them through an exciting but often stressful time.

Persons who work or travel extensively during the month and simply don’t have the time to shop or cook.

If this is “YOU,” give Chef Dede a call at 251.333.8908 to set up a time when you can have a personal consultation and set up your next in-home meal preparation date.


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