Private In-Home Cooking Lessons

Enjoy personal cooking instruction in your own home.


Currently, Chef Dede is unable to provide private in-home cooking lessons due to her teaching schedule.

Many of the people who I have encountered through the years love the idea of a private in-home cooking lesson.  They like to have a very personal experience in their kitchen learning to prepare a new dish.  I have also met people who like to open up their home and have a “Private Cooking Party” by bringing their friends together.  Even if not all of your friends are are comfortable in the kitchen, everyone enjoys delicious food, especially when they have prepared it themselves.

Perhaps you would like to gift a private in-home cooking lesson to someone special in your life who loves to learn new cooking techniques, but never seems to find the time.

Another wonderful idea for a private in-home cooking lesson is to celebrate a birthday in the kitchen with family and friends as you learn to prepare an enjoyable meal together with Chef Dede.

You may be a part of a group that meets once a month…just for fun.  Why not schedule to have Chef Dede come to your home and teach you and your friends to make that dish you’ve all been wanting to learn how to make?

For many clients, cooking instruction in their own home is a convenient  and personalized option.  They feel within themselves a strong desire to learn to cook.  Learning how to make a delicious new dessert or meal is not only fun and rewarding, but also a skill you will have forever.  I’ve heard it said that a private in-home cooking lesson is like having a cooking school vacation right in your own home!

If you are interested in the services Culinary Dreams provides, please contact Chef Dede at 251.333.8908 and we will talk about the types of foods you are interested learning to prepare.  After we select your menu, I will email the recipes to you, or, if need be, print out the recipes for you and your guests if you are sharing the occasion.  Everyone will participate “hands on” in making the menu we have created.  I will work with everyone, step by step to prepare the various selections.  You can be sure that with everyone working together, you are sure to have a fun, memory-filled occasion.  Once you have completed preparing your menu, you can choose to enjoy the wonderful new dishes you have learned to create right away, or pack them up to place in your freezer.  Some persons choose to gift these meals to an expectant mother, a newlywed, or even a senior adult parent living alone.


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