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Order Delights-to-Go!

For Delights-to-Go same day pickup, please place order by 10:30 a.m. For Delights-to-Go Complete, please place order at least 24 hours prior.  For instructions on heating your menu items, please see our Heating Guidelines.

If you need SAME DAY pick-up for menu items (heated or unheated), and it’s later than 10:30 a.m., PLEASE CALL us at 251.621.0026 to place your order!


Temporarily, we will not have Delights-to-Go available until after Culinary Dreams has moved to its new location and is back fully operational.  Thank you for your understanding during this transitional time.

All Prices INCLUDE Tax. 

Entrées:  Single Serving $7.00; 2 Servings $13.00; 4-5 Servings $24.00. Single Complete $10.00; 2 Servings Complete $19.00; 4 Servings Complete $36.00.

Entrées with Seafood:  Single Serving $8.00; 2 Servings $15.00; 4 Servings $26.00.  Single Complete $11.00; 2 Servings Complete $21.00; 4 Servings Complete $38.00.

Salads:  Side Salad $3.25; Entrée Salad $7.25.

Chicken Salad: ½ Pound $5.00; 1 Pound $10.00.        

Soups:  1 Pint $6.75; 1 Pint with Meat $7.75.                                                                                                 

“Fresh Taste, Minimum Waste”

Because we value…

…giving our customers variety and quality ingredients, Culinary Dreams provides a different menu each week. Our menu items are prepared by us in our own commercial kitchen. We focus on sourcing local vegetables, meats, seafood, and etc…while striving to use natural, preservative and additive free, foods as much as possible. The ingredients we use, and where they come from are very important.

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